How to choose a worthy coach in poker

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Modern poker realities require a player to work hard on his skills, one of the options for which is to hire a coach. But how among a huge number of coaches to choose a truly worthy teacher?
What causes the need to hire a coach?
One day you will feel that the progress of your game development has slowed, or even completely fell into a state of stagnation. It is possible that you will no longer see shortcomings in your game, mistakenly believing that your level of competence is quite high. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such self-confidence leads to the fact that the player simply loses a huge amount of time that he could use to increase his skill in case if he would more objective.
All players sooner or later begin to realize that they need someone who will help them to reach a new level of understanding of it. A constructive criticism, which can be provided by a more experienced player, will not only take your game out of stagnation but also allow you to keep a part of your bankroll.
The most important quality of a coach
If you look at YouTube for any training material on a specific topic, the system will give you a lot of videos from various authors. Having watched several clips, you will start thinking that one of the authors showed the material too boring and you did not catch anything.
It means that the main quality of a good coach is how accessible he can present the player with new concepts and explain why some of his decisions are wrong. Due to the fact that the coach is at a higher level of playing poker, he needs to spend a lot of time to be able to explain to a player, especially if he is a beginner, how to play poker in a right way.
Before hiring a coach, you should study his manner of explanation by viewing demo videos of his work with other students, his streams and his presentations.

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